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Medical Countermeasures


(Prussian Blue insoluble capsules) (Ferric(III)-hexacyanoferrate(II))
Hard Capsules

Heyltex Corporation is the exclusive US distributor of Radiogardase® (Prussian Blue insoluble capsules). Radiogardase® is the only FDA-approved antidote indicated for treatment of patients with known or suspected internal contamination with radioactive Cesium and/or radioactive or non‐radioactive Thallium to increase their rates of elimination. Cesium, which is found in hospital materials and construction sites, would pose a major health risk if dispersed through a “dirty bomb.”

Since the FDA approval of Radiogardase® in 2003, Heyltex has been delivering product to the Strategic National Stockpile on a regular basis.

Ditripentat – HEYL®

Solution for injection for intravenous injection or infusion


(Trisodium zinc pentetate)
Solution for injection for intravenous injection or infusion

According to the US FDA, Calcium-based DTPA (Ca-DTPA) and Zink Trinatrium-based DTPA (Zn-DTPA) have been under investigational use for over 40 years for their ability to provide a long-term treatment for internal poisoning, be it intentional or accidental, caused by radioactive materials such as americium, plutonium and curium. In its two forms, Ca-DTPA and Zn-DTPA work by tightly binding to radioactive elements such as plutonium, americium, and curium which are then passed from the body in the urine.



Heyl SD®-1: Advanced Skin Decontamination is a breakthrough innovation in personnel and surface decontamination of a wide spectrum of chemical threat agents. SD-1 is also effective against anthrax, mycobacteria, fungal spores and viruses.

Heyl SD®-1 achieves a new level of efficacy through its ability to neutralize or degrade threat agents without water supply, mechanical preparation, or scrubbing.

HEYL SD®-1 was designed with the warfighter and military applications in mind but is equally well suited to civilian applications including use by law enforcement and emergency medical personnel.

Clinical Indications

Since the company’s founding in 1926, HEYL Chemisch-pharmazeutische Fabrik – Heyltex Corporation’s parent company – has specialized in niche pharmaceutical products with a high level of medical relevance. The following provides an insight of our portfolio of specialty pharmaceuticals.

The products listed are currently not approved by the US FDA. All products are approved by the German Health Authority BfArM. For availability or additional information please contact us.


Enteric coated tablets (150mg / 300mg)

Metalcaptase® (150mg / 300mg capsules) contains penicillamine and is used for treatment of rheumatic diseases and as an antidote for heavy metal poisoning. Metalcaptase® is used for the following diseases:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Wilson’s disease
  • Lead, mercury, copper, and zinc poisoning
  • Cystinuria with detected cystine stones when recurrence of stones cannot be prevented by other methods (methionine-free diet, hyperhydration, alkalization of urine)
  • Advanced cystine stone disorders involving special risks (e.g. after nephrectomy)
  • There is some evidence that scleroderma may respond to treatment with Metalcaptase®


((RS)-2,3-Bis(sulfanyl)propane-1-sulfonic acid)
Hard capsulesInjected (solution) for intravenous or intramuscular injections

Dimaval® (DMPS) is an antidote and is used as an antidote for treatment of poisoning with heavy metals, such as clinically manifest chronic and acute poisonings with mercury (inorganic and organic compounds, vapor and metallic mercury), or chronic poisoning with lead.



Sulfadiazin-Heyl (hard capsules) contains sulfadiazine and is a bacteriostatic chemotherapeutic agent from the group of intermediately acting sulfonamides. Sulfadiazin-Heyl is used for treatment of toxoplasmosis (acute and recurrent forms) in combination with pyrimethamine.


Injection solution for intramuscular application

D3-Vicotrat® contains vitamin D3 which is a hormone regulating the calcium and phosphate metabolism. D3-Vicotrat® is used for the prophylaxis of vitamin D deficiency symptoms due to malabsorption, e.g. caused by chronic intestinal diseases, scarred alteration of the liver tissue (biliary hepatocirrhosis), extended stomach or intestines resections, if an oral therapy is impossible or ineffective.


Enteric coated tablets

Sulfasalazin-HEYL® is considered to be a first-line treatment in rheumatoid arthritis. It is used in the:

Treatment of active rheumatoid arthritis (chronic polyarthritis) in adults

Treatment of active juvenile idiopathic oligoarthritis (enthesitis-associated arthritis) in children from the age of six, who responded inadequately to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and/or locale glucocorticoid injections

Treatment of active juvenile idiopathic polyarthritis and polyarthritic spondylarthritis in children from the age of six (enthesitis-associated arthritis), who responded inadequately to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

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