A Step back – Into the Future: Semper gradatim – numquam retrorsum

Through centuries and decades of tumultuous history, stellar business success and trials & tribulations, since the early beginnings when in 1765 Johann Friedrich Heyl began the family’s HEYL’s Paint & Chemical Wholesale business, out of which in 1833 Ernst Eduard Heyl formed the Heyl’sche Farbenfabrik, or when finally Dr. med. Werner Heyl finally incorporated HEYL chemisch-pharmazeutische Fabrik – which is still active today and at the core of the HEYL Group, the family motto “semper gradatim – numquam retrorsum” always has prevailed.

The first big step for Heyltex Corporation was the idea of its founder, Dr. med. Eduard Heyl – son of Dr. med. Werner Heyl, to establish a US-based manufacturing base for one of the company’s core products – collagen. Heyltex Corporation opened its doors in Houston, Texas in 1979. Throughout the years, Heyltex has been a key element for the success of the HEYL Group on the US market. In the 1980’s, Heyltex was the exclusive supplier of collagen – made in the USA – to Estée Lauder. Through the 2000’s Heyltex did not maintain its own manufacturing campus but instead transitioned into its role of strategic center as US agent for HEYL with the primary focus of obtaining FDA approval of Radiogardase®, a pharmaceutical medical countermeasure to treat internal contamination of radioactive cesium – a clear and present danger in the years following the 9/11 attacks.

Since the US-FDA approval of Radiogardase® in 2003, Heyltex has been continuously facilitating the supply of Radiogardase® to the Strategic National Stockpile, the Department of Defense, the Defense Logistics Agency, state & local government facilities, hospitals and many others. Through a partner pharmacy the demand of individual patients with valid doctor’s prescriptions is covered as well.

Since 2016 Heyltex has been actively working with stakeholders of various government institutions, industry, and academia to expand its horizon on a commercial, development and Concept of Operations (CONOPS) level. Thought leadership and concept innovation such as eventPOD™️, ISM and “stockpiling as a service concept” have led to new partnerships, new product concepts and development initiatives. In Jan 2021 our efforts to develop a pediatric dosage form of Radiogardase® resulted in the successful filing of an IND with the US FDA.

Today, Heyltex can be described as a small, privately-owned pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development, manufacture and strategic international commercialization of CBRN medical response pharmaceutical products, medical devices and related services. We work in strong alignment with our parent company HEYL in Berlin, Germany as well as with our sister company Laborchemie Apolda, GmbH, a US-FDA approved chemical manufacturing site.

We feel that our global partnership network has never been stronger and that we can offer significant contributions to development and commercialization projects that may be too difficult to master for smaller companies and just too meaningless [different word] for larger corporations.

Regardless where the road ahead may lead us; we will never stray from our motto: Semper gradatim, numquam retrorsum.